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Its amazing

Wow, how lucky are we to witness something this amazing in our classroom…

How Montessori Childcare Centre Teaching Kids To Be Responsible

Let’s face it- we love when our kids can do things on their own. Showing off their new-found independence means that our children are gaining confidence and becoming more responsible. And as a parent, responsibility is something we value as this means our child can be relied upon, that they’re fast learners and can navigate […]

The Importance of Dads

Are any dads watching? The asymmetry of parenthood Dads are doing more, but we have a way to go Stereotypes get in the way Dads get criticised and bypassed! Stale male roles Why do Dads hold back? We are scared. We don’t feel equipped We even wonder if we should even be involved But if […]

Process of Food

The young children rūma have been learning about the process of food going from garden to table.