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Parent Testimonials

Shaun Sayer

A huge thank you to the staff at Learning Links Horowhenua for making such a huge impact on Barax’s learning and upbringing these past three years. For a single parent to be able to rely on others to help bring up a child can be hard. Knowing he was wanting to go along to day care center was a definite relief for me. The old saying it takes a village to raise a child is so true! Thank you for

Nicole Kennedy

Learning links is more than a Montessori, it is a community with experienced teachers who really care about your child and your family. They make the effort to get to know you as a family so they can focus on creating an environment which incorporates values that are important to you. Our son loves going to Learning Links.

Ella Deans

We recently moved our son to Learning Links child care center the education and care given is wonderful and our son absolutely loves being there! I would definitely recommend it to any parents with children looking at there early education options!!

Nina Etuej

Cannot speak highly enough about Learning Links Childcare Centre. All their staff are so kind and loving that it does feel like family. They all care and know you by name. Its structured paradise!

Craig Knights

They are just so good! Great community, great teaching and learning… My daughter loves it!

Keara Brennan

Our daughter is absolutely thriving at Learning Links Childcare Center, i’m so pleased to have this place, and its lovely staff, in our lives. Wonderful people who really care about the kid’s development and the happiness of the whole community. Very highly recommended.

Michaela Beadle

I cannot recommend Learning Links enough! The teachers are absolutely amazing and are genuinely passionate about the children. The centre is incredibly organized and certainly doesn’t look like a standard chaotic daycare center. The teachers are absolutely incredible at this centre and interact with the children throughout the day and help them flourish so well. This daycare centre also thrives on low teacher to child ratios which is excellent. Above all, I genuinely believe that this centre sets a standard

Cara-Lee Ridden

I love how Learning Links has a close family feel and it’s easy to have conversations with the friendly staff about my daughter and her day. She loves going there so much she doesn’t even acknowledge me leaving!!

Mwilu Masaka Muzandu

The stuff are amazing they really helped me when i wasn’t sure how my boy was going to react when i left him for the 1st time at day care center. it is an amazing and friendly environment

Kimberley Saunderson

As a parent of learning links i think they have got great staff who are very accommodating and welcoming, they are fantastic role models and educators to my little man and are so good with all the children you get a real family feel here. Great choice!

Laurie Real Mc Coy

Great learning environment with lovely and attentive staff.

Letitia Moore

Have been amazing to our 5 children, warm & comfortable environment. I have developed a great, trusting bond with the teachers.

Jazmine Batt

Both my children love it here, have been nothing short of amazing. So, grateful for all they’ve done for my two.

Sue Yang

I love their sustainable environment. All the teachers are very nice and kind. My girl loves all the teachers. I felt learning links trys to include and involve parents and whanau for the children’s early learning and development which is awesome!!!

Leeza-Marie Cook

My daughter Harper has been enrolled full time for around 5 months now. She absolutely loves the teachers and children. I leave her every day knowing she’s in excellent hands. The team treat us like family!

Renee Ward

I feel very fortunate to have got my youngest daughter Lara into learning links. Lara absolutely loves going everyday to she her friends. Staff are always attentive to her needs, and are friendly and approachable. Thanks guys.

Karis Anderson

As a parent of a young 1 year old boy who attends learning links, i would highly recommend it. My son has been going for 3 months now and he enjoys every moment. As a mother i am consistently updated through storypark of his daily activities and all the fun he is getting upto. His teachers are lovely and very attentive, and all the teachers recognises my son by name. Such a wonderful day care centre.

Puruhi Peachey

Super stoaked with how well my daughter has settled in to her new child care center and how lovely all the teachers are there. my daughter loves going and even asks on the weekends. thanks for providing such a great centre.

Liz Redley

Learning links has been so accomodating to my girls needs, always a fun and happy environment. My girls are absolutely loving it

Anna Roters

Learning Links is wonderful!!! The teachers have done such a fantastic job helping my son to settle in. My little guy had separation anxiety and they have gone above and beyond to help him and myself with the transition to daycare center. I couldn’t recommend them more.

Ardré Foote

As the ‘Duel’ parent for my son, Learning Links has given me the confidence to know he’s well cared for & happy. Staff are amazing & always willing to support & action individual needs. Im also Grateful for there sustainability practices.

Samantha Mann

My daughter loves Learning Links! She started when the child care centre opened and has established some wonderful relationships with her teachers. They are getting the best out of her and ensuring her learning experiences are positive and appropriate for her age and social skill set. 100% recommend.

Marli Marks

My daughter LOVES learning links! The staff there are So friendly and loving and caring, I would recommend this daycare centre to anyone!! She has so much to tell me about her day everyday when I pick her up, they do the coolest things there and she even sleeps the best she ever has! Thanks Team LL – you guys are amazing X

Amanat Gaurav Arora

I would definitely recommend this centre to everyone because I can see how my daughter is growing into a confident girl. The teachers are amazing.

Andrew Wells

Highly recommend! Have both our kids enrolled and couldn’t be happier! Amazing teachers, facilities and location!

Kayla Lee

Highly recommend looking at enrolling your child here. Our experience so far has been amazing. The staff are so kind and caring, the environment is amazing for our kids to play, learn, create and grow. We have had no problems at all with this center and we are glad we chose to change our daughter to this center. our daughter has blossomed so much since attending learning links.

Nicola Hodges

Would absolutely recommend this centre!! My son has been attending for a few months now and we love it! The confidence I have seen in him over the last months is amazing! The staff are all so welcoming and lovely. So glad we found this centre.

Falguni Shah

Today marks last day of Arya at Learning Links but I am sure she will cherish every moment spent with awesome teachers, friends and other staff at the centre.
Arya started at day care when she was 10 months old and she was very determined little girl. We all knew it was not going to be an easy transition but thank you to all the teachers for their perseverance and patience. It got easier and easier as days passed.

Pooja Kakkar

I was a stressed out parent to settle my overly pampered child in new childcare after a recent change of place and a new born at home. I came along learning links and after enrolling my child here all my worries came to an end. With the type of support and attention received I found drastic change in my child’s behaviour within a month. He had been listening to us , understanding and adjusting to new routines. All this been

Kristen Burnett

As a parent I’m happy that my daughter is happy in this environment. She adores her teachers and gets involved with activities that i wouldnt necessarily provide at home.

Gina Smith

As both a teacher and a parent within Learning Links I could not recommend their Early Childhood Education environment more. I started my time with Learning Links as 3rd year student and they were so warm and welcoming. The past 4 years have shown me immense support, growth and professional development as a teacher. On top of this at 6 months old my son joined me at Learning Links in the Infants room. The teachers were beyond loving, engaging and

Amber Courtney

I have a 2 year old and 4 year old, with my oldest starting as an infant. I was crazy fussy when it came to who I left my son with and since starting at Learning Links, both have gained so many new skills also making friends. I can’t thank the staff here enough, they also include and welcome parents and grandparents which is awesome.

Min Wang

My daughter started at Learning Links childcare when she was 8 months old and she is now ready to go to school next year . She enjoys going to the day care centre everyday and has made so many good friends there. The teachers at learning links child care centre are so friendly, patient and professional. I would recommend this childcare centre to the parents who live in this area- your kids will love it!

Chanelle Bruce

As a parent at Learning Links child care center, I love the warm and welcoming environment that my son learns in every day. The educators are wonderful and their kind nature has enabled my family to build a trusting relationship with them and the centre. I love that my son is well supported and encouraged often to step outside his comfort zone and try new things.

Tjitte Weistra

Don’t know where to start really. In two weeks time our second child will graduate from Learning Links child care centre and suddenly a period of 7 years will come to an end just like that. All the staff are absolutely wonderful and we cannot thank them enough for their support, enthusiasm and wisdom. Our children have flourished and have absolutely loved their time at Learning Links. We are extremely grateful for their care and support and we will miss

Rachael Wisneski

Clean, well-run childcare center with low staff turnover. Great teachers and organisation. My daughter is so happy to go which assures me she’s at the right place. Highly recommend.

Nikki Thomas

I highly recommend Learning Links. My daughter started in the ‘under 2s’ room almost a year ago and has since transitioned into the toddler room. She absolutely loves the activities that they do and her teachers are fantastic, she has lots of friends who she talks about a lot! As a parent I enjoy dropping her off to friendly smiles from the office team in the mornings (Tania & Marie) and the awesome cook, Krissy. The toddler teachers are so

Bridget Graham

As a parent at learning links, I love that the teachers are so friendly and caring for my little boy and even me! they do heaps of fun things and keep me updated regularly. Highly recommend them.

Nikki Martin

As a parent at Learning Links I think I definitely made the right choice for my 2 year old daughter. She absolutely loves going each day and has learnt so much already! Her vocabulary is getting bigger everyday and she is definitely benefiting from the socialization with other children. It gives me peace of mind knowing shes in a loving and caring environment.

Zoe Turner

Amazing place , great teachers highly recommend !

Kayla Beadle

I have been to so many other childcare centers and nothing compares to this centre. The teachers are amazing and genuinely care for the child. The fees aren’t extravagant. My son absolutely loves going there and doesn’t want to come home most days because he is having so much fun playing and running around with his friends. They have a playground out the back and on sunny days spend alot of time outside enjoying the sunshine. Love this centre!

Drew Carmody

This childcare centre is just amazing. Their staff are passionate, caring, kind and interested in you and your child. The small groups help to grow the bond faster.

Laurie Ludlow

Learning Links Childcare Canter is a nice modern centre with a lovely learning environment and the staff are caring and attentive.

Amanda L

We are so happy our boy is in Learning Links…he absolutely loves it. We were apprehensive about sending him to another day care as the last daycare center he was in turned out to be a disaster, he didn’t like it there at all. He is happy now and settling in well.

Vanessa Slingsby

We are so happy to have joined the Learning Links. My little one has never been the easiest at morning drop offs but at Learning Links she is always greeted by huge smiles and loving arms. I really appreciate the extra care taken to settle her in each morning and am always able to discuss her day in detail with her teachers at pick up. We love all the different areas for play and learning in the centre, especially the

Charlotte Bedford

As a parent of Learning Links I am so grateful I made the choice to send my daughter to such an incredible centre. Having moved from a different town, I was really worried how she would settle in, but as one of the first to start she absolutely loves it. I couldn’t ask for better carers to look after her while i’m at work, they have created such a special bond which is so reassuring to see. The centre is

Elizabeth Redley

After searching high and low for a centre I felt comfortable with, learning links opened and from our first visit we immediately felt at home. Wonderful, welcoming environment! My children are thriving and have fitted in so well into a centre environment. Thank you so much learning links.

Maria Heaslip

My son and I have recently joined the Learning Links and we are both loving being part of a nurturing, creative and fun learning environment. The centre is conveniently located and the staff here are caring, inclusive and student driven. Always lots to do, it is often a mission trying to get my son out the door – a reflection of how safe he feels here. Thank you for making his transition a smooth one.

Tomek Pietkiewicz

Amazing child care centre. Friendly staff, very professional, and such a fun and safe place for children to learn.


As the parents at learning links childcare we would like to highly recommend you come to experience here if you are about enroll your kids to a kindergarten. Nice and friendly staffs, better environment than the others, and I bet your kids will surprise you when they showing what they have learned.
Come to talk to them, you will find out more than I said.

Rohan Patel

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Learning Links. My son started at Learning Links in Toddler’s room and the teachers were very caring and responsive which made it easy for him to settle down. The friendly supportive environment offered at Learning Links means that children can learn at their own pace and build their own independence and confidence. This is important as a baseline for their success as they continue their academic

Gerf Mate

Love the teachers and admin staff who have been so kind and supportive, brilliant at looking after my 3 children. Highly recommended.

Wenyu Liang

As a parent at Learning Links, I was impressed deeply by their services from a few experiences. There were a couple of times that I didn’t pick up my kid in time. When I rushed into the center about 15 mins late, I saw two teachers sit patiently with my kid and they never mentioned late pick-up fine. They joined the recycle campaign and initiated a free reusable bag to each kid to carry their wet clothes, which shows the

Bin Chen

Very friendly staff and clean and safe environment for kids. Kids always happy to be at the centre, as parents that very important.

James McCosh

I send my kids to Learning Links. It’s a great centre, the staff are lovely and really care about the kids.

Malgosia Leith

As a first time mum I was so apprehensive putting my child into daycare, but the team at Learning Links went out of their way to make it a pleasant experience. I leave my child confidently each day knowing he is in good hands with the wonderful ladies in the infants room and I go to work happy that he is well loved. They say you’ll know which daycare is right for your child and that couldn’t be more true,

Alana Garnett

As a parent at Learning Links I think the centre is second to none. We feel as though we have become a huge part of the Learning Links family, and have built trusted relationships with everyone inside those four walls. Our daughter has grown so much and I truly believe we have given her the best start in preparation for school next year.

Alice Addy

It is with a very heavy heart I will be saying goodbye to the Learning Links family within the next month. Four years ago I left my precious four month old baby girl in the hands of Learning Links, and like any new mother had all the fear in the world. Within days I knew I had made the right choice, with loving carers to nurture her and a safe environment which allowed her to explore. What I loved most

Karen Zhang

I highly recommend Learning Links Childcare. My children go to Learning Links. My older daughter was a shy, anxious little girl. Like all other first-time mothers, I had so much worries about her adjusting into a new environment. I was impressed with the teachers being so caring, self-confident, attentive, and responsive to my daughter. They gave as much individual attention as she needed. The teachers play and talk with the children, smile with them, and praise them for their achievements.

Lisa Clark

As a parent of learning links I love how they provides a fun and safe place for children to learn, create and explore with the guidance of the friendly and encouraging teachers my daughter talks so fondly about!

Michaela Collings

Highly recommend looking at enrolling your child here. Our experience so far has been amazing. The staff are so kind and caring, the environment is amazing for our kids to play, learn, create and grow. We have had no problems at all with this center and we are glad we chose to change our daughter to this center.

Pooja Arora

I was a stressed out parent to settle my overly pampered child in new child care after a recent change of place and a new born at home. I came along learning links and after enrolling my child here all my worries came to an end. With the type of support and attention received I found drastic change in my child’s behaviour within a month. He had been listening to us , understanding and adjusting to new routines. All this

Katie Blackett

Learning Links has been nothing but outstanding for my son since we moved to Hamilton earlier this year. All staff from administration through to teachers in every area are friendly, welcoming and more importantly working for the benefit of every child in the day care center and ensuring a rich learning experience which develops well-rounded young people at all ages. They are also extremely communicative with whānau and work with you to ensure the best for your child. Couldn’t rate

Parenting Conversations

Parenting conversations with our good friend John Cowan Know More >

About Learning Links Childcare

At Learning Links Childcare our Vision is ‘ Everyone Learning, Everyone Leading, Everyone Succeeding’. ‘ Ako, Arataki, Angitu, Tātāu, tātāu e.

Everyone Learning. Through play and meaningful real-life experiences, within the Childcare Centre and local community, children develop the essential life skills and characteristics they need in order to thrive in the 21st century.

Everyone Leading. Our Childcare Centre teaches 21st century leadership and life skills based on the idea that there is a leader in everyone and leaders strive to be the best version of themselves.

Everyone Succeeding. We believe every child has the potential succeed. Through love and support our children will grow and develop as competent confident learners, healthy in mind body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and ready for school.

Our programme is based on Te Whariki’s aspirations for children ‘to grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body, and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging in the knowledge, that they make a valued contribution to society.’

The environment at Learning Links encourages children’s curiosity, as they freely explore, question, and wonder and by doing so, develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Some of our latest adventures!

Forest Programme

Connecting children to nature is something we are passionate about at Learning Links Hector. An enriching programme like this certainly isn’t something that was decided one day and began the next – it has taken a lot of preparation, consideration and dedication.

Well today, our passion became a reality! The group headed off on their expedition within our local community. They began this weekly ritual with a forest karakia and a willingness to explore and test their limits in the dense bush. We are very proud that our tamariki showed such respect for the beautiful forest and its creatures and this will be something that they will remember for many years to come – a huge thank you to our Kaiako, Rebekah and Ana for bringing our programme to life today everyone should have a good sleep tonight!

Our tamariki are becoming increasingly confident and familiar with the forest. They have already gained a strong sense of direction and able to show their kaiako which way could lead us to the destination.

They were lucky to find and try some kawakawa, which we learnt that the leaves can be made into medication that helps our digestive system. We even brought some back to our centre for our friends to try as herbal tea.

No doubt, the muddy puddles was the favourite. It was such fun for each of us to get wet, get muddy and be engaged with nature! We are also amazed to see the growing resilience of our children when they slipped into mud, when they got dirty and when they were in dilemma. They were determined to take risks and challenge themselves, physically and emotionally!

It was equally impressive to notice how tamariki cared for each other and helped their peers out of a challenging situation, they were demonstrating their growing social competence and caring nature in their bush play! We highly recommend getting out into nature - the children will surprise you!

As we continue to connect locally, to our Rototuna area, we discovered Rototuna means "lake of eels". In Pre-European times, our area had a lake named Tunawhakapeke. The lake and surrounding swamps had an abundance of tuna resources. As a result of our new knowledge the tamariki are discovering where the tuna like to live now and what they like to eat! Trying to coax them out of their hiding places, the children have been patiently dangling some food for them and to hopefully catch a glimpse soon!

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