Learning Links Childcare

Fee Policy

Fee Payment Policy

  1. The weekly fees are charged for the days booked and includes statutory holidays, sick days, and other absences.
  2. Invoices are emailed at 4pm Tuesday for the current week and are payable within 7 days via Bank Transfer or Direct Debit into the Learning Links Childcare Bank account.
  3. Fees are required to be paid on a weekly basis.
  4. Children are entitled to 4 weeks holiday at 50% of their usual weekly fee per annum. For families receiving government subsidies, the 50% discount will be applied to the parent portion of the fee.
  5. Written notice two weeks’ prior to taking leave is required.


Late Fee Payment and Payment Plan Policy

  1. A $15 late paymentcharge will be appliedto your account if accountsare not kept current and no written arrangement is in place with the Learning Links Childcare.
  2. If you receive more than one $15 late payment charge a payment plan will be prescribed by Learning Links Childcare for payment of any overdue balance(s).You will be prescribed a payment plan period of up to 12 weeks from commencement of the payment plan to clear any overdue account balance.
  3. Any prescribed payment plan may be modified by Learning Links Childcare as required from time to time to ensure the payment plan has the effect of clearing any overdue balance owed within the prescribed payment plan period.
  4. The payment plan will outline a payment structure that includes the outstanding balance(s) and ongoing fees. The amount due weekly must be a sum equal to the current fees plus a portion of the outstanding balance(s)as required to clear any overdue account balance within the prescribed payment plan period.
  5. Failure to maintain the prescribed payment plan will result in an additional $15 late payment charge being applied to your account and will require full payment of the entire overdue balance within 14 days or childcare services for your family may be withdrawn at the sole and absolute discretion of Learning Links Childcare.
  6. If the full overdue balance is cleared and the family remains enrolled, the parent(s) shall be required to maintain weekly payments and keep their account current from that time and moving forward for the entire time their child or children remain enrolled at Learning Links Childcare or care for that family may be terminated at the sole and absolute discretion of Learning Links Childcare by 14 days written notice.
  7. Learning Links Childcare reserves the right to refer any or all outstanding balance(s) to a Debt Collection agency for future management. All costs of debt collection (legal, filing and court fees and all debt commissions) incurred will be payable by you.
  8. In terms of the Privacy Act 2020, you irrevocably authorise Learning Links Childcare to seek and exchange information with any person, company or agency regarding your credit rating and debt recovery process.
  9. All decisions made pursuant to this Fee Policy are made at the sole and absolute discretion of Learning Links Childcare and Learning Links Childcare’s Operations Manager or Business Manager only. Any communication or purported agreement in relation to Fee payments by anyone other than the Operations Manager or the Business Manager shall be non-binding. Learning Links Childcare reserves all discretion in respect of this policy and there shall be no exceptions to this Fee Policy whatsoever unless there is prior written consent from the Learning Links Childcare Operations Manager or Business Manager.