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Are any dads watching?

  • The asymmetry of parenthood
  • Dads are doing more, but we have a way to go

Stereotypes get in the way

  • Dads get criticised and bypassed!
  • Stale male roles

Why do Dads hold back?

  • We are scared.
  • We don’t feel equipped
  • We even wonder if we should even be involved

But if men step back

  • Everyone loses!
  • Dad’s do add something extra to the mix

What can Dads bring

  • Dads are the link to wider world
  • Adventure, risk and fun

Role models for boys

  • Handling anger
  • Respect for themselves and women

The most important stages

  • When testosterone doubles
  • When it’s all testosterone
  • Becoming a man

Dads and daughters

  • Why we get on so well with our little girls, but teens are difficult
  • Her self esteem
  • Her expectations of future mates


Start Early- My experience


Touch and carry your baby

  • Work out together
  • Dads are carefully rough!
  • Shoulder rides
  • Dads can be burpmeisters

Special heroes – offer to do the graveyard shift

  • A special time
  • A short time
  • An act of love to your partner

Read the sports news to them

  • Baby’s love your voice
  • Books
  • Stories
  • Songs
  • Anything!

Don’t be afraid of feeling emotions

  • Empathy: feeling what they feel
  • Welcome to a whole new realm of distressing emotions!
  • Don’t mislabel your emotion as ‘anger’

Don’t be afraid of woman-realm

  • Stay in touch
  • Absent but involved
  • Don’t be a Disneyland Dad


  • Hardest job… but can be immensely significant
  • Step back for a long time
  • Back the bio parent
  • The big test: “Will you love my Mum?”

Being a creative Dad

  • Radio controlled truck racing
  • Crocodile hunting
  • Bush walks
  • Building together
  • Water fights and rough and tumble
  • Coaching their sports
  • Boat
  • Golf
  • Sandcastles
  • Fishing
  • Cooking together
  • Surfing
  • Lego
  • Gaming
  • Messages in lunch box
  • Dates
  • Bedtime games, books and cuddles

Love your spouse

  • The importance of mother-father relationship