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The school year has come and gone and the holiday break has finally started. This means it’s time for great food, sunshine and lots of fun.


However, keeping the kids entertained can be tricky, especially with businesses being closed and crowding at local attractions. This is why we have put together 6 ideas that will have your kids laughing, smiling and being creative (without costing you a dime or sending you into crowded attractions).


Here are 6 quick and easy entertainment ideas:


A Scavenger Hunt– Scavenger hunts are the perfect opportunity to get kids moving and creatively solve problems. Plus, there is nothing quite likes the exciting race for a prize. You can create a hunt with clues or a search for something hidden in your backyard (or find a local hunt to join).


Art When it comes to art, the options are endless (painting, origami, sketching, self-portraits, finger-painting, and colouring in). And here is the great thing about art, there is very little set-up time for hours of fun. The more messy and imaginative art is, the more fun kids have. Plus, cleaning up can be a great way to teach children new self-management skills. (Remember to lay out newspaper to make cleaning up nice and easy.)


Build a Fort If you want an afternoon of fun, then grab a blanket, tie up the corners and throw pillows inside. Once you have assembled your fort the fun begins. You can play music, have a disco with the kids, grab your favourite board games or even start a pillow fight. A fort is a world filled with endless imagination for our kids. A blanket and a small space in your home can create an afternoon of magic.


Cook up a Storm Plan a meal that your kids will love and have them help out. Grab aprons, chef hats and divide the responsibilities. Watching dough turn into crispy pizza is an exciting adventure for kids. They will be grinning from ear to ear when they get to eat the food afterwards. Plus, you’ll be teaching them priceless life skills.


Take a Hike Getting out into nature is a great way to get active. The kids will love to discover a new place. Plus, you can take a close look at the flora, snap some pictures and check out amazing local views.
If there are no local hikes, try a park or trail instead.


Create A Scrapbook- “What is a Scrapbook?” I hear you say. Scrapbooking is the act of storing your favourite photos and memories in one place (usually an album or card). I bet that if you checked your family Instagram or Facebook right now, you’d find dozens of great photos that were posted online.

But you have probably rarely sat down as a family and gone through these magical memories from start to finish. Well, scrapbooking is a way to keep all the photos that get ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ in one place. Have the kids join in on the fun by picking their favourite baby photos, funniest outings or even to help you create a fun family album.

There are plenty of Scrapbooking kit and resources over at Scrapbooker.co.nz. Once you get started, be prepared for a whirlwind of laughter and fun with the kids.


Remember, it’s easy to spend the holidays relaxing at home. However, the holiday period is a great time to create memories that children will be fond of for the rest of their lives.

And by helping our kids to engage their imagination, keep active and have fun, they’ll gain new experiences and build an even better relationship with you.

These 5 ideas give you quick and easy ways to fill a day and keep the kids entertained.


Enjoy the Christmas and New Year break!