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Learning at Home

Working together to support learning at home.

With New Zealand in Lockdown we would like to share with you lots of great tips and ideas to help continue your Childs Learning Journey.

He waka eke noa… We are all in this together.

Togetherness is important

Te Whariki the early childhood curriculum vision for our children is for them to be “Competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society”.

One important aspect is to create a routine and special rituals.

Children get a lot of comfort from routines and rituals.  It creates a sense of security. The following is one of many possible ideas to help achieve this.

Daily Routine

Remember play and learning go hand in hand

Through play children learn and develop. They develop their language skills, emotions, creativity, problem solving, physical skills and social skills. They learn about the world around them. They are introduced to science, maths, engineering, technology, literacy, sustainability, environment and art as they explore their world.

Explore some options below for ideas and routines

Rituals and Routines

Think about how you can make morning time, meal times, nappy changing /toileting and bed time special. A ritual is inviting, unhurried, special, caring, creative and involves connecting.

Somethink for the mind

Curriculum in early childhood is the experiences, activities and events that our children experience whether direct or indirect which occur within the setting they are in. Here is a selection of ideas for home to support our young children to continue their journey of becoming life-long learners, global citizens and contributors to society.

Something for the body

Physical activity is an important foundation for health and wellbeing. It plays a large part in developing key dispositions of resilience, courage, creativity, problem solving and critical thinking.

Something for the soul

Nurturing your child’s wellbeing, socially encouraging a more peaceful world, in which your child identifies with their cultural and spiritual heritage.

Contributing to our bubble

Children are competent. Trusting your child to help with chores helps children to learn life skills, responsibility, teamwork, it reinforces respect, builds strong work ethic and gives you a chance to bond.

Just for fun

We need fun. We need enjoyment. Playing, laughing, singing, dancing… all of these things (and more) flood our brains and bodies with those chemicals that make us feel good.

More information and tips for families

Information and about child development, parenting and early childhood education.


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Tips for working from home with your child/children

Remember you are not alone, this situation is unprecedented, so go easy on yourself. Be kind, support each other.