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Laurie Ludlow

Learning Links Childcare is a nice modern centre with a lovely learning environment and the staff are caring and attentive.

Zoe Turner

Amazing place , great teachers highly recommend !

Tjitte Weistra

Don’t know where to start really. In two weeks time our second child will graduate from Learning Links and suddenly a period of 7 years will come to an end just like that. All the staff are absolutely wonderful and we cannot thank them enough for their support, enthusiasm and wisdom. Our children have flourished and have absolutely loved their time at Learning Links. We are extremely grateful for their care and support and we will miss them greatly. I

Puruhi Peachey

Super stoaked with how well my daughter has settled in to her new center and how lovely all the teachers are there. my daughter loves going and even asks on the weekends. thanks for providing such a great centre.

Leeza-Marie Cook

My daughter Harper has been enrolled full time for around 5 months now. She absolutely loves the teachers and children. I leave her every day knowing she’s in excellent hands. The team treat us like family!

Sue Yang

I love their sustainable environment. All the teachers are very nice and kind. My girl loves all the teachers. I felt learning links trys to include and invlove parents and whanau for the children’s learning and development which is awesome!!!

Laurie Real Mc Coy

Great learning environment with lovely and attentive staff.

Kimberley Saunderson

As a parent of learning links i think they have got great staff who are very accommodating and welcoming, they are fantastic role models and educators to my little man and are so good with all the children you get a real family feel here. Great choice!

Mwilu Masaka Muzandu

The stuff are amazing they really helped me when i wasn’t sure how my boy was going to react when i left him for the 1st time at daycare. it is an amazing and friendly environment

We believe that Learning Links stands out from the rest through its commitment to three important education priorities: Learning through play, Keeping children emotionally healthy, Educating with a sustainable environment focus.

Our purpose built centre at 15 Sanday St offers a welcoming environment for all families. With a refresh scheduled in late 2019 this centre has a great reputation with the local community.

Some of our latest adventures!

Forest Programme (At Learning Links Hector Drive)

Connecting children to nature is something we are passionate about at Learning Links Hector. An enriching programme like this certainly isn’t something that was decided one day and began the next – it has taken a lot of preparation, consideration and dedication.

Well today, our passion became a reality! The group headed off on their expedition within our local community. They began this weekly ritual with a forest karakia and a willingness to explore and test their limits in the dense bush. We are very proud that our tamariki showed such respect for the beautiful forest and its creatures and this will be something that they will remember for many years to come – a huge thank you to our Kaiako, Rebekah and Ana for bringing our programme to life today everyone should have a good sleep tonight!

Our tamariki are becoming increasingly confident and familiar with the forest. They have already gained a strong sense of direction and able to show their kaiako which way could lead us to the destination.

They were lucky to find and try some kawakawa, which we learnt that the leaves can be made into medication that helps our digestive system. We even brought some back to our centre for our friends to try as herbal tea.


No doubt, the muddy puddles was the favourite. It was such fun for each of us to get wet, get muddy and be engaged with nature! We are also amazed to see the growing resilience of our children when they slipped into mud, when they got dirty and when they were in dilemma. They were determined to take risks and challenge themselves, physically and emotionally!

It was equally impressive to notice how tamariki cared for each other and helped their peers out of a challenging situation, they were demonstrating their growing social competence and caring nature in their bush play! We highly recommend getting out into nature - the children will surprise you!



As we continue to connect locally, to our Rototuna area, we discovered Rototuna means "lake of eels". In Pre-European times, our area had a lake named Tunawhakapeke. The lake and surrounding swamps had an abundance of tuna resources. As a result of our new knowledge the tamariki are discovering where the tuna like to live now and what they like to eat! Trying to coax them out of their hiding places, the children have been patiently dangling some food for them and to hopefully catch a glimpse soon!

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Job opportunity: qualified, registered Kaiako.

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Instagram post 2187521722736242938_8634969210 Our staff Christmas celebration, 🥳🎉 after already spending the day together and after a big spicy feast and not tasting what Andrew ordered 🙄 🐙🦐👁🦑😳 the Hector Dr team decided to spend more time together, locked up in a room, with only clues to help us escape each other 😱
Awesome adventure with an awesome team! 😍 @confinement_nz
#Childcare #Daycare #Kindergarten #Preschool #EarlyLearning #EarlyChildhood #EarlyEducation #ChildcareHamilton #LearningLinks #LearningLinksChildcare #LearningLinksHamilton #FamilyGoals #Babies #ToddlerLife #Toddler #KiwiMum #NZBaby #LoveLanguages #SustainableLiving #Whanua #Tamariki #HamiltonNZ #Waikato #Rototuna #TeTotaraPrimary #LoveTheTron #HectorDrive #LearningThroughPlay #LearningTogether

Our staff Christmas celebration, 🥳🎉 after already spending the day together and after a big spicy feast and not tasting what Andrew ordered 🙄 🐙🦐👁🦑😳 the Hector Dr team decided to spend more time together, locked up in a room, with only clues to help us escape each other 😱

Awesome adventure with an awesome team! 😍 @confinement_nz


#Childcare #Daycare #Kindergarten #Preschool #EarlyLearning #EarlyChildhood #EarlyEducation #ChildcareHamilton #LearningLinks #LearningLinksChildcare #LearningLinksHamilton #FamilyGoals #Babies #ToddlerLife #Toddler #KiwiMum #NZBaby #LoveLanguages #SustainableLiving #Whanua #Tamariki #HamiltonNZ #Waikato #Rototuna #TeTotaraPrimary #LoveTheTron #HectorDrive #LearningThroughPlay #LearningTogether

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Centre Details

Ratios: Infants 1:4, Toddlers 1:6, Preschool 1:8
Opening Times: Monday to Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm
Address: 15 Sanday St, Palmerston Otago
Phone Number: 03 465 1714
ERO Report: View Report
Ministry of Education Funding: View Information

Thinking About Enrolling?

The best way to find out if we’re the right centre for your family is by seeing it for yourself! Please come in for a visit.

If you want to read more about Learning Links, please download our Parent General Information Book.

2019 Enrollment Fees


Option 1: First 10 hours a week $5.90 hour, then from 10 hours up to 30 hours is free, after 30 hours $5.90 hour

Option 2: 730am-1230pm or 1230pm-530pm All days Monday to Friday (25 hours) all free of charge


Between 1 and 30 hours a week FREE. Each additional hour after 30 hours is $5.90

Enrolment Conditions
Learning Links operates as a full day service and does not offer short days or sessions; Our fees include high quality
teacher ratios above Ministry of Education Standards; Minimum enrolment is two days per week; A deposit equal to one week of your booked hours will be due upon enrolment to confirm your place; Two weeks notice is required when terminating enrolment; 10% discount is applicable to your eldest child’s fees if you have two or more children attending Learning Links; Nappies, food and formula are not provided. To be read in conjunction with the Fee Policy. Fees effective from 1 October 2018.

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