Learning Links Childcare

I highly recommend Learning Links Childcare. My children go to Learning Links. My older daughter was a shy, anxious little girl. Like all other first-time mothers, I had so much worries about her adjusting into a new environment. I was impressed with the teachers being so caring, self-confident, attentive, and responsive to my daughter. They gave as much individual attention as she needed. The teachers play and talk with the children, smile with them, and praise them for their achievements. My older daughter was well encouraged with her social skills and positive behavior. I think I made a very wise decision sending her to Learning Links. Now my older daughter is 6 years old. She turned out to be such a positive, happy, confident, caring, social girl. Every time she goes to learning links, she still gets all the greeting from her teachers. My second daughter also goes to learning links. She absolutely enjoys it as well. There is low staff turnover, which ensures a secure environment for children. There are opportunities for creative work, imaginative play, and physical activity, and space to move indoors and out for all the busy children.