Learning Links Childcare

Today marks last day of Arya at Learning Links but I am sure she will cherish every moment spent with awesome teachers, friends and other staff at the centre.
Arya started at day care when she was 10 months old and she was very determined little girl. We all knew it was not going to be an easy transition but thank you to all the teachers for their perseverance and patience. It got easier and easier as days passed. I knew Arya was in the best care while we were working.
Arya has developed lot of skills and has become very social and confident girl. I personally think it would have been very hard for us to do this while working full time. We love how the kindergarten chose different activities at different stages like for instance painting, making something out of grocery boxes, writing a book, art work (box full of those at home), celebrating different cultures, dancing, yoga and the list goes on.. Learning through activity and play is very cool and I can see Arya become more relaxed and creative, solve problems and engage with others. It is also great to see the concepts of sustainability introduced at the early age. This has definitely made Arya think twice before doing anything that will affect the environment and she will follow this for her lifetime.
It has been amazing 4 years at Learning Links and we as parents have learned a lot ourselves. Teachers have been so great with providing the updates regularly and also making sure parents aspirations are met. It is always great to see stories on Storypark as proud parents. The meals provided at the centre are awesome and you looked after my girl very well. Thank you so much Krissy, at times I am told off for not making the lasagne as tasty as yours J
Thank you all very much for nurturing Arya and bringing out the best in her. She has grown into independent little girl wanting to explore more. She is so ready for school and I am sure the learnings from day care centre will help her settle at school. You have all become part of our lives and we hope to see you around.
We wish you all the success with your new child care centers. Hope it all goes well!!