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The Reason Why A Positive Parenting Approach Is The Secret To A Happier Future For Your Child..

Positive parenting is a parenting approach where children are disciplined in a productive and respectful way. In fact, Procare New Zealand shared that positive parenting is a powerful way to guide your child’s behaviour without shouting, arguments or stress.

The research holds up, because when we look at long-term results, there’s evidence that children who experience positive parenting are far more likely to grow up happier, with better behaviour and a much higher academic performance. Positive parenting is taking the guesswork out of parenting.

But how exactly does positive parenting work? We’ve done the legwork for you:

When children make a mistake, we have the choice to either scold them or teach them a more effective behaviour. For example, if a child plays with something they shouldn’t touch, if we then go on to take away the object and “tell them off”. We’re actually teaching this child that when they make a mistake, something bad will happen. And, when a smaller child makes the same mistake, our child is more likely to copy the behaviour we’ve taught them (and get upset with the smaller child).

When following a positive parenting model, instead of an upset, the parent praises the child for handing over the object. If the child doesn’t want to hand the object over, the parent takes away the object calmly and does not offer any praise.

What this does, is it teaches children that when we’re faced with problems, we should remain calm. It also shows our kids that when they do something wrong, it’s safe to confide in us. A positive parenting model like the one just mentioned, builds a strong positive relationship between parent and child.

Behaviours learned through positive parenting stick with our children in their every day actions. And, these behaviours follow them into adulthood when they one day become parents themselves. Luckily, all daycare/childcare centres follow a positive parenting approach when looking after children.

Here’s how Learning Links supports a positive parenting strategy:

At Learning Links, we use a positive parenting / teaching approach by praising children whenever they show good behaviour. This tells that child and those around them which behaviours are more useful.

When working alongside parents, our teachers support positive parenting in the home by having conversations and keeping parents up to date on how their child is doing. We know that when parents and teachers have a great relationship, this makes it easier to keep consistency between what happens at daycare and what happens at home.

We also have software, such as Storypark, where we share children’s progress with our parents. And we frequently hold events throughout the year for parents, teachers and children to come together and to reinforce those great meaningful relationships.

If you’re a parent looking to get even more value out of the relationship you have with your child’s teachers, some great questions to ask are:

  • How is my child doing academically and behaviourally?
  • What can I do at home to further support what happens at daycare?
  • Who has my child formed strong relationships with amongst staff and their peers?

And if you need support or ideas, our teachers are here to help as much as possible. At Learning Links, we value all our families and want to make sure that we can support your child’s learning and growth as much as possible. Because when a positive parenting approach is coupled with great teaching strategy, children are more likely to thrive throughout daycare, their school years and even as they move into adulthood.