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Being a coach and protector in the digital world..


The basic message is..

  • There are risks
  • But you and your kids will probably be fine

What are the risks?

  1. Predators
    • A real risk
    • Perspective
  2. Content
    • Porn and Violence
    • Rubbish theories


  • Bullying
  • Social skills
  • Support
  • Scams
  • Privacy
  • Viruses
  • Sleep
  • Eating
  • Not doing what we know they should be doing

Do I know enough?

  • You know your kids
  • You know about the world, that might be enough

Real Protection:-

Technology can protect your children from technology. But real protection comes from parenting Engage and talk.

Always good to know more

  • Know what your kids are doing
  • Know how to access parental controls

Parental controls are everywhere

  • Computers and phones
  • Video games
  • TVs and Streaming Services
  • Microsoft Family Safety
  • YouTube Kids
  • Messenger Kids
  • Netflix Kids
  • Mobile Phones
  • Games


What else are they doing?

  • Sleeping
  • Playing
  • Reading
  • Socializing
  • Day dreaming
  • Chores


  • Very little before 2
  • Less than an hour up till five
  • They don’t learn
  • They don’t get a lot of language
  • Quality matters

How much will they use their gadgets? ~ As much as you do!

What do my kids need to know?

  • Set passwords
  • Keep information private
  • They have to know there are dangers and creeps!

Don’t meet up with people you don’t know

They have to behave

  • We want you to have a great time on line
  • We want you to be safe
  • So there are going to be some rules


  • What’s not allowed
  • What sites and activities
  • When and how long
  • What to do if you get a fright
  • What will happen if you break the rules