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With the introduction of the Internet and search engines, the right childcare centre is a simple keyword search away. And if you are looking for a safe and fun childcare for your child with good Christian values, you can quickly view this online. Here’s how you can make your search for the right Christian childcare an easy one..


How Do You Find A Christian Childcare Near You?

First, use a search engine to find a keyword string like ‘Christian daycare near me’. By adding ‘near me’ to this search term, you will find options that are close to your home (or workplace). And with a closer option your commute times will be easier, which leads to less stress each morning for you and your child.

Now, as there are fewer Christian childcare centres in Auckland, you may still see results that aren’t ideal.

Try narrowing down your search by using terms like Glen Eden, Blockhouse Bay, West Auckland, Avondale, Kelston or your chosen suburb. These search terms should show options closer to your ideal location.

Once you have a list of options, paying each centre a visit will help you to make the right choice. Each centre will run their operation differently, so keep an eye on their childcare and security measures as well as the resources available for your child. Here are some key points to keep in mind:


How To Choose A Great Christian Childcare Centre

Childcare centres keep children safe, happy and teach Christian values that children will carry throughout life. When we hear the words Christian Childcare we may end up thinking about the bible, hymns and Christian learning. However, this is far from the truth.

At Grace Christian Community Preschool we teach children about their physical, spiritual and emotional well-being in a way that is engaging and fun. Christian values are embedded as part of our teaching strategy. Children will spend much of their day learning through play, problem solving and exploring various lessons that align with the NZ early childhood curriculum (Te Whariki).


At Grace Christian Community Preschool we focus on:

Social Skills:- Social skills are about interacting, learning and problem solving. Being a Christian Preschool, we address problems in a moral and religious way. This means we teach children to respect the personal space of themselves and others and we encourage sharing and playing. We want children to grow up to be confident in who they are.

Physical Development:- We encourage children to play age-appropriate games for their physical growth at Grace Christian Community Preschool. All children are helped with their motor skills. We are always with them to encourage the play that will help them grow.

Spiritual:- At Grace Christian Community Preschool, we teach children about God in line with their age levels. For infants, we sing songs about God’s love; for Toddlers we read books. Our classrooms have Bible based posters, crafts and videos. These things encourage children on a daily basis which help with a child’s spiritual upbringing.

Mental Learning:- At Grace Christian Community Preschool we work on kid’s cognitive growth, no matter their age. We introduce key activities in line with reading, writing, counting, music and drawing according to their age.


Above all, we believe that each child is unique and aim to provide support by fostering close relationships with the parents and caregivers in our community.