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Parent Testimonials

Drew Carmody

This childcare centre is just amazing. Their staff are passionate, caring, kind and interested in you and your child. The small groups help to grow the bond faster.

Kayla Beadle

I have been to so many other childcare centers and nothing compares to this centre. The teachers are amazing and genuinely care for the child. The fees aren’t extravagant. My son absolutely loves going there and doesn’t want to come home most days because he is having so much fun playing and running around with his friends. They have a playground out the back and on sunny days spend alot of time outside enjoying the sunshine. Love this centre!

Cara-Lee Ridden

I love how Learning Links has a close family feel and it’s easy to have conversations with the friendly staff about my daughter and her day. She loves going there so much she doesn’t even acknowledge me leaving!!

Michaela Beadle

I cannot recommend Learning Links enough! The teachers are absolutely amazing and are genuinely passionate about the children. The centre is incredibly organized and certainly doesn’t look like a standard chaotic daycare center. The teachers are absolutely incredible at this centre and interact with the children throughout the day and help them flourish so well. This daycare centre also thrives on low teacher to child ratios which is excellent. Above all, I genuinely believe that this centre sets a standard

Keara Brennan

Our daughter is absolutely thriving at Learning Links Childcare Center, i’m so pleased to have this place, and its lovely staff, in our lives. Wonderful people who really care about the kid’s development and the happiness of the whole community. Very highly recommended.

Craig Knights

They are just so good! Great community, great teaching and learning… My daughter loves it!

Nina Etuej

Cannot speak highly enough about Learning Links Childcare Centre. All their staff are so kind and loving that it does feel like family. They all care and know you by name. Its structured paradise!

Ella Deans

We recently moved our son to Learning Links child care center the education and care given is wonderful and our son absolutely loves being there! I would definitely recommend it to any parents with children looking at there early education options!!

Nicole Kennedy

Learning links is more than a Montessori, it is a community with experienced teachers who really care about your child and your family. They make the effort to get to know you as a family so they can focus on creating an environment which incorporates values that are important to you. Our son loves going to Learning Links.

Parenting Conversations

Parenting conversations with our good friend John Cowan Know More >

Learning Links operating as Grace Christian Community Preschool in New Lynn Auckland is a childcare centre that aims to cultivate life-long learners and empower students to thrive in socio-emotional life. Our progressive learning philosophy is based on three important elements where:

  • Learning is fun
  • Keeping the children emotionally healthy
  • Educating children under a sustainable environment

Learning Links Childcare Center is committed to offering the best Christian Childcare environment to the community of New Lynn. With our high-quality education techniques, we bring a fun, safe and diverse environments for the children. Learning Links operates 9 successful child care centers within New Zealand allowing all of our team to interact regularly and provide for the best quality of care.

Why consider early learning centres?

  • Develops Socio-emotional wellbeing for children
  • A sense of responsibility in taking care of each other
  • Offers an organized/fun learning plan
  • Motivates the interest to learn
  • Future schooling becomes easier
  • A strong foundation for lifelong learning

Why choose Learning Links?

  • Over 20 years’ experience
  • Competitive fees structure
  • Amazing indoor and outdoor

Ratios: Toddlers 1:6, Preschool 1:8

We completely understand that working with children needs a combination of quality teachers and an excellent environment. Every teacher from Learning Links is trained to bring the most out of your child’s potential. We create a positive environment with the children by understanding their emotional and mental well-being. Our teachers promote individual skills that enhance self-esteem in children.

Are you looking for Daycare Center / Kindergarten in New Lynn?

We look forward to welcoming you to our amazing early learning center in New Lynn. Please feel free to book an appointment with one of our team who would be more than happy to show you around our awesome early childhood learning environment.

Some of our latest adventures!

Forest Programme (At Learning Links Hector Drive)

Connecting children to nature is something we are passionate about at Learning Links Hector. An enriching programme like this certainly isn’t something that was decided one day and began the next – it has taken a lot of preparation, consideration and dedication.

Well today, our passion became a reality! The group headed off on their expedition within our local community. They began this weekly ritual with a forest karakia and a willingness to explore and test their limits in the dense bush. We are very proud that our tamariki showed such respect for the beautiful forest and its creatures and this will be something that they will remember for many years to come – a huge thank you to our Kaiako, Rebekah and Ana for bringing our programme to life today everyone should have a good sleep tonight!

Our tamariki are becoming increasingly confident and familiar with the forest. They have already gained a strong sense of direction and able to show their kaiako which way could lead us to the destination.

They were lucky to find and try some kawakawa, which we learnt that the leaves can be made into medication that helps our digestive system. We even brought some back to our centre for our friends to try as herbal tea.


No doubt, the muddy puddles was the favourite. It was such fun for each of us to get wet, get muddy and be engaged with nature! We are also amazed to see the growing resilience of our children when they slipped into mud, when they got dirty and when they were in dilemma. They were determined to take risks and challenge themselves, physically and emotionally!

It was equally impressive to notice how tamariki cared for each other and helped their peers out of a challenging situation, they were demonstrating their growing social competence and caring nature in their bush play! We highly recommend getting out into nature - the children will surprise you!



As we continue to connect locally, to our Rototuna area, we discovered Rototuna means "lake of eels". In Pre-European times, our area had a lake named Tunawhakapeke. The lake and surrounding swamps had an abundance of tuna resources. As a result of our new knowledge the tamariki are discovering where the tuna like to live now and what they like to eat! Trying to coax them out of their hiding places, the children have been patiently dangling some food for them and to hopefully catch a glimpse soon!

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See you Monday 😇😇 Have a wonderful weekend.. .
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Special Offer Below 👇👇👇 .
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Kia Ora Whanau

Special Offer Below 👇👇👇 .
Refer a family to join us here at Grace Christian Community Preschool and once they enrol you will instantly receive a $200 prezzy card!

So tag away in the comments and we will be in touch!

With Love and Respect ❤❤
#Childcare #Daycare #Kindergarten #Preschool #EarlyLearning #EarlyChildhood #LearningLinksChildcare #LearningLinks #FamilyGoals #Babies #ToddlerLife #Toddler #KiwiMum #NZBaby #LoveLanguages #SustainableLiving #LearningThroughPlay #LearningTogether  #NewLynn #Auckland #AucklandChildcare #ChristianPreschool #ChristianChildcare #ChristianDaycare #ChristianKindergarten #ChildcareNewLynn

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Ratio: Toddlers 1:6, Preschool 1:8 (note no babies)
Opening Times:
Monday to Friday 7:00am to 5:30pm
Address: 28 Rimu Street New Lynn Auckland
Phone Number: 09 553 9628
ERO Report: (Coming Soon)
Ministry of Education Funding: View Information
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Thinking About Enrolling?

The best way to find out if we’re the right centre for your family is by seeing it for yourself! Please come in for a visit.

If you want to read more about Learning Links, please download our Parent General Information Book.

2020 Enrolment Fees


Two Days

$ 98

Three Days

$ 147

Four Days

$ 196

Five Days

$ 209


Two Days

$ 7/hr

Three Days

$ 7/hr

Four Days

$ 7/hr

Five Days

$ 119/wk

Enrolment Conditions
Learning Links operates as a full day service and does not offer short days or sessions; Our fees include high quality teacher ratios above Ministry of Education Standards; Minimum enrolment is two days per week; A deposit equal to one week of your booked hours will be due upon enrolment to confirm your place; Two weeks notice is required when terminating enrolment; 10% discount is applicable to your eldest child’s fees if you have two or more children attending Learning Links; Nappies are provided. Food and Formula is not provided - this must be brought in from home if required. To be read in conjunction with the Fee Policy. Fees effective from 1 January 2020.

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